Month: February 2007

oscar post-its

21.jpgwe watch the oscars for various reasons and pretexts. and while i’m over the moon regarding marty scorsese‘s (long-overdue) triumph and the fact that The Departed garnered the Best Picture award, there’s no really denying that one of the major draws of the world’s foremost entertainment event is seeing the stars parade themselves in various stunning, ho-hum and horrendous designer gowns. i always think the guys had it easy — they only need to show up and look dapper in a good tux and they’re home free.

watching the red carpet scene makes the whole thing easier (interminable waiting while you doze through countless of technical awards). without being aware of it i found myself mentally marking a few striking figures that made me do a double take. hey, that’s a great color for her skin. wow, that gown looks amazing on her. she really should cultivate this look.


when i casually compared  notes with a fashionista officemate, i realized that we practically marked the same people (nicole kidman, cate blanchett, gwyneth paltrow, rachel weisz, kate winslet) — although we did disagree on a couple of stars. even the guys looked good this year (leo d., mark d., djimoun h. deserve special mention).

Note: this year’s winners — actress, supporting actress and actor — were practically a done deal. only the best supporting actor nod (to alan arkin) came as a (welcome) surprise. it was the best picture category that had me on edge as the countdown began. since last year i had been sold on this violent mob drama — the first time i saw it, i jokingly told a chum that The Departed was probably going to win as best film at the oscars — but the past few weeks of intense hollywood campaigning gave me some doubt… still all’s well that ends well, i say.





celebrity scope

heather-kick.jpgi just couldn’t resist inserting this in picture in my post today. i had been steadfastly resisting the urge to feature heather mills in my past posts, but when i saw this picture i just gave way *grins* — i guess you could say this is one of those crazy snapshots that many paparazzi would kill and willingly martyr themselves for (aarrh that sounds weird)…

according to some reports, sir paul mccartney’s ex was annoyed at this mediaman’s stalking activities that her patience finally cracked. ms. mills reportedly began screaming and — for her pièce de résistance — and gave him the, er boot (along with her prosthetic leg). and while all this was happening, she was recording the episode with her camera. (*snorts and eyes roll*) ay-ayyy-ayy.

… @@@ …

anna.jpganyhow, the furor over anna nicole smith refuses to die down, and judging from the way the vultures are circling over the spoils, i expect the whole mess to go on for a year or so. talk about leading a star-crossed life! in death and life, nicole smith was a comet blazing in our path, hurtling to her etch place in the public psyche. the latest twist in this overwrought melodrama is that in her last will she supposedly left everything to her dead son, daniel.

also, there’s this vodka-swilling aussie who (*chortles*) reportedly wrestled with a shark off Louth Bay! (now that’s what i call a ‘ballsy’ attitude). philip kerkopf, 41, admitted he was drunk when he snuck behind this 4-foot-long bronze whaler shark and caught it with his bare hands. after an energetic tussle, the shark hook himself free and managed to bite off a good chunk of kerkopf’s jeans and left the inebriated aussie with a nasty scratch as well.

Westminster: James is Best in Show

james1.jpgAn english springer spaniel named Diamond Jim (Ch Felicity’s Diamond James) triumphed as Best in Show at the Westminster dog show in New York’s Madison Square Garden a few hours ago. the sprightly 6-year-old therapy dog, who has won 50 best in show ribbons in past events, is the 6th of his breed to win this title and is set to retire after this competition.

Judge Robert Indiglia, a cardiac surgeon, picked James over bill cosby’s dandie dinmont, 2 white poodles, a petit basset griffon vendeen, an Akita and a Bouviers des Flandres.

hollywood snippets

tom cruise and ben stiller as grown-up Hardy Boys? get out of here. no… really?

i’ve grown up reading several titles of this popular teenage detective series (i was more of a nancy drew fan though), and all this time i had this vague hope that someday it will find itself in the silver screen. i’ve thought of several actors who could nicely fill the shoes of Frank and Joe Hardy, but please, not these two aging midgets! i wonder what hollywood producers will shove down our throats next… lindsay lohan as nancy drew?! (*gagging sound*)

hughdrew.jpgthere’s an upcoming romantic comedy that i’m looking forward to watch (oddly enough). after a string of violent action movies, i’m settling down to a more mellow, comfortable and frothy setting — Music & Lyrics, which stars hugh grant and drew barrymore. i have purposely kept from reading advance notices about this film because i want to be pleasantly surprised this time. i did catch a couple of short trailer spots, and they made me chuckle, particularly after seeing hugh grant sing and grind his way through 1980s pop tunes and deliver his patented witty and wry one-liners. this movie is directed by marc lawrence (Two Weeks Notice).

leo.jpgafter scoring well with critics and the box office last year (The Departed, Blood Diamond) and nabbing an oscar Best Actor nom, Leonardo DiCaprio is setting his sights to do Conspiracy of Fools. This upcoming film, which deals with the Enron financial scandal, is based on a book written by NYT journalist Kurt Eichenwald.

Westminster dog show

bill cosby’s 6-year-old dog, a dandy dinmont terrier (Harry), was selected as top dog in the terrier group in the ongoing 131st Westminster Kennel Club dog show in New York. The clownish terrier, whose official name is a mouthful (Hobergays Fineus Fogg), won 57 events in 2006 and was reportedly named after Prince Harry of UK.


other winners include a poodle from Japan (Ch Smash Jp Win A Victory; toy breed), a standard poodle (Ch Brighton Minimoto; nonsporting category) and an Akita (Ch Redwitch Reason To Believe; working group). this year, a total of 2,628 tail-wagging canines joined America’s foremost dog show.

Winners for the Sporting, Hound and Herding groups will be announced later today (Feb. 13th).


meanwhile, here are a few cute snaps taken before and during the show as a ‘barometer’ of just how much this show means to humans and canines alike…




i miss the x-files

x-files.jpgdang. i miss the x-files so much it hurts. i miss racing home monday nights so i wouldn’t miss an episode. i miss being intrigued by mind-boggling, outlandish conspiracy theories. i miss being ‘spooked’ by monsters — humans or otherwise. i miss the wacky paranoia of the lone gunmen. most of all, i miss mulder and scully. there will never be another show like the x-files. *sigh* dang.

why do i miss it?


let me count the ways…

when these two are on the case, you can’t help but be glued to your TV screen. i don’t know of any other screen couple who can combust without so much as an eye contact. even nature’s call is conveniently swept aside when these walk into a scene and expound on their conflicting theories. the grisly nature of their job only adds to their chemistry. the first time i saw them together (in mulder’s dingy basement office) i couldn’t make up my mind whether i wanted to be scully or mulder. i liked mulder’s intensity and unflinching conviction, and yet i couldn’t help but be impressed by scully’s cool-headed logic. they just balanced each other out.

and here… scully flashes her hard-won smile!


after years of watching x-files, i can’t recall of ever seeing scully break into a spontaneous, no-holds-barred smile (well, except for that Las Vegas episode where she got drugged and kept flirting with a room full of enthralled guys… but that’s another story). there were times where her lips twitched and her eyes actually lit up — but that’s all it was. and gillian anderson’s grave, brooding looks are simply custom-built for this role. and of course, mulder — for all his horny tendencies and occasionally wacky episodes — had this impenetrably serious side to him. what can i say? they just look good together.


in hollywood, it’s practically a near-imposssible task to find somebody (much less a couple) who can radiate formidable intellect and look yummy at the same time, but these two… they did it effortlessly.


notes on The Departed

departed.jpgi am eagerly awaiting the release of the official DVD (2 discs) release of the The Departed, which is scheduled for Feb. 13. it’s supposed to contain a few more scenes that were excised from the theatrical version.

one of those pared gems was jack nicholson‘s grisly one-liner “wake up and smell the coffin.” 

technically, i’m more excited about the special features section, particularly the interview of some of its stars and its director. maybe they could give us some hint about the upcoming sequel of this highly successful film. according to some press snippets, it will center on Sgt. Dignam (mark wahlberg), who’s practically the only character of note to survive the shattering bloodbath at the movie’s end. if things go as planned, the sequel could also include robert de niro, another scorcese film stalwart, among its cast. and there’s even some talk about a prequel. hmmm…

i used to think that mark wahlberg’s inclusion among the Best Supporting Actor nominees was a long-shot deal, but after hearing about his mark1.jpgnomination and based on what’s coming out of hollywood papers these days, i am beginning to think that he might even nab the award, after all. *roars in approval with matching backflips*

 well. let’s hope things work out well for the guy.