Month: November 2007

“Enchanted” enchants

i didn’t think i’d be saying this but the truth is “Enchanted” has a way of getting under your guard, thanks largely to its enticing female lead Amy Adams who will probably be a household name from now on. Patrick (Dr. McDreamy) Dempsey and yummy James (Cyclops) Marsden do well in their respective roles but it’s Ms. Adams, as the clueless-princess-lost-in-NYC, who makes the movie memorable.

combining 2D animation and live action, Disney actually manages to entertain and poke gentle fun at a genre that has always been its staple offering. Enchanted has thankfully resisted the urge of succumbing to a predictable formula and manages to inject a measure of reality in this cutesy revisionist tale. it’s also nice to know that both James Marsden (as the slightly dim, self-absorbed Prince Edward) and Amy Adams (Giselle) can sing.


on a related note, it looks like Bee Movie (Jerry Seinfeld‘s latest project) will be swooping in by the second week of January. it has gotten mixed reviews but it surprisingly did allright at the box office. i miss seinfeld’s incisive sarcasm. who am i kidding? of course i miss Seinfeld crowd, the whole bunch of ’em.


thinking out loud

forest.jpgforest.jpglately, after spending too much time on my own, i have developed this disconcerting habit of blurting out my thoughts. this isn’t really much of a big deal when you’re in the confines of your own room, or at least when there’s no one else around to hear you argue with yourself… but when you’re in the middle of the street muttering unintelligible phrases, chances are you’ll be attracting strange looks from bystanders and maybe notice some people giving you a wide berth as you pass by.

i suppose one of these days somebody will come right out and label me of having a split personality or something. or maybe clap me in straightjacket and put me in a padded cell somewhere.


i guess it comes from living so long on my own. sometimes silence can be a bit unnerving, so occasionally i have this compulsion to fill the gap with some chatter — any sound — to remind myself that somehow i’m still a functioning human being who’s still capable of producing certain sounds.

ah well…