personal notes

saying goodbye to my MacBook

damn… i just handed my 5-month-old MacBook Pro (13.3) to its new owners, and it feels like i’ve just sold one of my kidneys.

mac & coffeeit was just one of those things that had to happen. i’ve tried to postpone making this decision for as long as i could, but the time has come for me to cross this BRIDGE — in order to acquire a hardcore laptop that fits with the nature of my work, i needed to let my MacBook Pro go. the economics of my situation demanded it.

bottom line, i had to sell my MacBook because the bulk of my work hinges on Windows-based applications and my other laptop (a weather-beaten Dell that has fought too many wars) is basically giving out its death rattle. i needed a new laptop fast, and my all-important client decreed that i had to use Windows, or else…

my life's main course

and so, after a last fond tap on its silver polycarbonated casing, i accepted the money from the buyers and took a long walk.

later, there will be time enough for me to buy a new replacement (ASUS Zenbook). for now, let me mourn the departure of an old friend.


it’s tough when you realize you’re slowly sinking into the morass of your own disappointments.

i’m not normally the type to wallow in my misery; dwelling excessively on your problems can only make things worse but as christmas rolls in, things only seem to grow bleak. maybe it’s because i usually tend to get depressed whenever christmas comes around. i don’t know. i only know that it gets tougher these days to keep going, to believe that one of these days — soon, anyway — things will turn around.

i’ve been around the block long enough to know that sometimes these ‘down’ moments are bound to happen, but somehow when you’ve been creeping around in the dark too long you begin to wonder it it’s ever gonna end. *sigh*

here’s hoping the sun will come out soon. really, it’s hard work just to convince yourself that things aren’t as bad as they seem…

anyway, here’s an uplifting story that might perk up those who are also down in the dumps.

running out of steam?

these past few days i’d been wracking my fuzzy brain for something interesting to add to this pitiful blog — and unsurprisingly came up empty-handed. (it has been an unusually dry spell lately.)

nothing much to get hung about, except that lately i have come to this uncomfortable conclusion that i have become such a dead bore that i can’t even bear to hear or share my own thoughts (*eyes rolling*). bottomline — i have run out of interesting things to say.

well of course this doesn’t mean that things are at an all-time low. on the contrary, there has been a slew of good news lately that ought to brighten anyone’s day: manny pacquio‘s victory over barrera and the fact that the country’s economy is definitely on the upswing. and i now have all the time in the world to catch up on all the anime DVDs i’d been meaning to watch.

i guess it’s just me. *sigh*