it’s tough when you realize you’re slowly sinking into the morass of your own disappointments.

i’m not normally the type to wallow in my misery; dwelling excessively on your problems can only make things worse but as christmas rolls in, things only seem to grow bleak. maybe it’s because i usually tend to get depressed whenever christmas comes around. i don’t know. i only know that it gets tougher these days to keep going, to believe that one of these days — soon, anyway — things will turn around.

i’ve been around the block long enough to know that sometimes these ‘down’ moments are bound to happen, but somehow when you’ve been¬†creeping around in the dark too long you begin to wonder it it’s ever gonna end.¬†*sigh*

here’s hoping the sun will come out soon. really, it’s hard work just to convince yourself that things aren’t as bad as they seem…

anyway, here’s an uplifting story that might perk up those who are also down in the dumps.